What is TradingFXSignals

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We cooperate only with the expert traders worldwide. Select necessary strategies, and copy Forex trade operations will repeat in your broker profile.

Our Strategy Providers

Learn How Mirror Trading Work

Choose from the best mirror trade strategy providers and improve your income with them. All copy trades operation moves to your account automatically. The operation principle of the automated trader is very simple. Our free forex signals platform opens the mirror trade operation on your broker account, as one in automated trading strategy providers. All copy trade services are automatic and execute simultaneously.

For example, the strategy provider has $20,000 in his balance. Your copy trading account balance is $10,000 – two times less. A volume of your strategy provider is 1 lot, and he earns $500 for a trade. Identical trade in your account will earn $250 since it is 0.5 of the lot.

Advantages of Trade Copying

Our platform gathers professional traders from different countries, and they provide numerous profitable free forex signals. It is great opportunity to trade daily without any efforts. Money work for day and night with our services of Forex profit signal.

No limits on any contracts. Suspend all existing investments at any time. The procedure of the withdrawing money from account takes only 5 minutes.

The income you earn remains only in your account. Brokerage company charges small commission for every trade. It is all that you are charged for. You never get charged a subscription fee, and your performance fee is never held back.

You can invest money in different trading strategies. Distribute your capital among strategies of our members. This way you will increase the diversification level and safety of your investments.

The distinguishing feature of copy trading is saving a time on studying. Thus, you use the experience of financial market professionals. The most captivating part is left for the user: only to check how the statistic and income raise during the day.

 Supported Broker

The distinctive feature of our copy trade services is an ability try the cooperation with us for free. Your funds are deposited into licensed brokerages accounts. We cooperate only with the most respected and regulated brands in the industry.

Select the brokerage company within our platform for all deposits and withdrawals. After this, based on the Forex trading signals from professional traders you are subscribed, trades will be executed within your account. You can continuously add as many brokerages as you want, or remove them on your demand.

Trading Demo Account

Created demo account and try out our platform without any risks. You will have a 30 days period of absolutely free Forex signal live platform!

Register a demo account with a virtual money on it. This is a perfect chance for new, inexperienced users to try Forex signals for free. It’s a perfect chance to gain confidence before putting real money unto platform. The full list of auto copy trade functions is available for you to try without risks. Analyze charts from top traders and choose the best for your portfolio.

Connect to the trading strategies, and check the achievement of your goals.
Your future real-money account is totally identical with a virtual account, except one thing – money.